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Financial Planning for Lockheed Employees

Our team has had the pleasure of working with many Lockheed Martin employees throughout the years. We know that every employee will have unique financial goals and we will use our extensive knowledge of Lockheed’s retirement plan to ensure you maximize your financial future. Our principal Ed McDonough himself is a Mechanical engineer by training, consequently we have a natural affinity for fellow engineers.

<b>Is my Lockheed 401(k) set up to meet my goals?</b>

Is my Lockheed 401(k) set up to meet my goals?

A self-directed 401k allows you to invest as you see fit versus being restricted to the fund selections of the company. Fund selections in a traditional 401k charge hidden internal management fees which take away from your portfolio performance. This type of 401k dramatically increases your investment selection to anything available on the TD Ameritrade platform, allowing you to invest in equity instruments that charge nothing to own.

<b>How can the self-directed 401(k) option be used to my advantage?</b>

How can the self-directed 401(k) option be used to my advantage?

On the self-directed side, the McDonough Capital team can take on active management and allocate your investments directly into one of our model portfolios that fits your risk tolerance. Further, we utilize very low cost ETFs and no cost stocks to drive the total fees down as low as possible while striving to producing a superior risk adjusted rate of return. A relationship with our team allows us to take on the responsibility of handling your retirement, allowing you to focus on your career and your families.

<strong>Our Values</strong>

Our Values

Our number one priority as your advisor is to place your interests first. We demonstrate this by responding to inquires quickly and efficiently, being available to explain the rationale of our  investment recommendations, and balancing your financial goals against your risk tolerance. We commit to the highest standard of integrity and seek to reinforce this trust with consistent meetings.

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