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    The initial consultation will be used as time for us to get to know one another. We will gather information on your current financial state and look to assess your risk tolerance. This will include identifying all your needs and goals for the future. In addition to reviewing your current accounts to understand if your goals are currently being met.


    Prior to our secondary meeting, we ask for physical statements of all of your existing accounts detailing related positions and cost basis. Our access to risk analysis software allows us to analyze your current portfolio and compare it to the historical performance of the portfolio we would recommend for you. Instead of just trusting our word on the performance of your accounts, we can show you exactly how they would have performed for the last 5+ years.


    Our back office team takes all of the stress off of you as a client in transferring your existing brokerage accounts to our team. We will fill out all applications and work directly with your previous advisory firm to transfer all accounts in kind, avoiding any unnecessary taxation due to sells.


    Once your accounts and respective cost basis’s have transferred over to our team in full, we will implement your approved risk adjusted portfolio. You will be able to monitor your account on a daily bases using your personal financial website.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

I am committed to providing top quality service and following the professional and ethical guidelines that will contribute to the success of our business relationship. I seek to avoid simple buy/sell transaction oriented relationships. As part of an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, we make recommendations that are based on the client`s best interest, without influences from quotas, special proprietary incentives or other promotional gimmicks. One of the primary reasons I went independent was to remove myself from this conflicted environment. The client must always come first, not the firm. Education, credentials, and experience are all critical ingredients in the development of a superior financial advisor. Look hard at an individuals background. It may save you money in the long run. I make the following added value pledge to you:


Place your interests first.
Respond to inquires quickly and efficiently.
Treat my clients with respect and courtesy.
Explain the rationale of my investment recommendations.
Help balance financial goals against risks tolerances.
Commit to the highest standard of integrity.
Seek to reinforce the trust placed in my continuing education.

Registration as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

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