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Product & Services

At McDonough Capital Management, we provide assistance in the following areas:

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Investments Products

  • FDIC Insured Certificates of Deposit
  • Bond Ladders
  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Tax Advantaged Municipal Bonds
  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Tax Deferred Annuities
    • Fixed
    • Variable
  • Unit Investment Trust

Common and Preferred Stocks Analysis and Research

  • Triad Advisors
  • Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Credit Swisse First Boston
  • High Growth Stock Investments
  • Morningstar

Customized Professional Money Management Consulting

  • Individuals, Businesses, and Corporations

Computerized Financial Planning Services

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Retirement Planning Analysis
  • Education Funding Analysis
  • Lump Sum Distribution Analysis
  • Portfolio Review
  • Morningstar Principia Pro Analysis (stock, mutual fund, and annuities)

Tax Services

  • Personal Tax Return
  • Business Tax Return
  • Year-End Tax Planning

College Planning

  • 529 College Savings Plan
  • Custodial Accounts for Minors (UGMA/UTMA)

Retirement Planning Services

  • Self directed IRA’s
  • Self Employed Retirement Plans
  • SEP IRA’s
  • 401K Plans
  • Profit Sharing / Pension Plans
  • Roth IRA`s

Insurance Planning Services

  • Term Life
  • Variable Universal Life
  • Fixed Universal Life
  • Fixed Index Universal Life
  • Fixed Index Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Immediate Annuities

Estate/Business Planning Team

  • Ed is in touch with several local Attorneys and CPA’s which act to supplement his work in the areas of estate and business planning. In addition, Ed can provide referrals to several local bankers and mortgage brokers should need arise.
  • Attorneys and CPAs are independent of Triad Advisors, LLC.

Customized Investment Banking and Venture Capital Financing

  • Through an unaffiliated third party business partner.

Notary Services

  • We provide notary service free for our clients.