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Prospect Client Questions

  • I am retiring - what should I do with my 401k?

    When you retire or leave a company it is typically in one’s best interest to roll the 401k into an IRA. Once the rollover has been complete and you have all of your funds available in an IRA, your investment selection dramatically increases. 401ks are limited to the funds selected by the company offering the 401k plan making a Traditional IRA more advantageous. Please reach out to if you are interested in opening up an IRA through McDonough Capital Management.

  • Can you manage my existing 401k/403b while I continue to work?

    Yes. Our team now offers 401k/403b management while you continue to work. Our software allows us to analyze your companies fund selection (View fund internal management fees and historic performance) and make the right investment decision for you. Ultimately we will be able to invest your 401k/403b at the appropriate risk level and mitigate the internal management fees you are already being charged. The largest benefit to this is we will be monitoring your 401k/403b performance on a daily basis. Please reach out to if you are interested in having the McDonough Capital team manage your 401k/403b

  • Am I qualified to be a client?

    At McDonough Capital Management we strive to create personal relationships with all clients and want to make sure every new client onboarded is the right fit for both of us. Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds and we would love to meet with you to see if you’re a good fit. Your personal asset size and the complexity of your estate will help determine which advisor will be your main point of contact. Schedule an introductory call with us today.

  • What is a fiduciary? Are you a fiduciary?

    Our firm acts as an independent Registered Investment Advisor holding us to the standard of Fiduciary. A fiduciary is legally obligated to put the client’s interest first. Similar to that of a medical doctor, Registered Investment Advisor's have taken the same pledge to hold the client’s best interest to the highest degree. This allows for our goals and objectives to align perfectly with those of the client’s. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. 

    As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to the highest standard of care for our clients. We are legally obligated to avoid or disclose conflicts of interest and must only buy and sell investments that are the best fit for you. Our principal also operates as a Certified Financial Planner signifying an additional code of ethics that must be met. 

  • What is a CFP and why is this important?

    CFP stands for certified financial planner and is awarded to those who pass the CFP exams. Holders of the CFP designation are held to a higher standard and regulated by the CFP board. The CFP is not a required exam showing that the achievement for this designation is above and beyond what was required of our team. Becoming a CFP is considered one of the most stringent achievements for a financial advisor. To apply for the exam, you must have years of experience, numerous standardized exams, a formal collegiate level education, and demonstration of strong morals and ethics. We pride ourselves as a team held to these standards.

  • Can I work with you remotely?

    Absolutely. Our team services clients across the entire United States. We utilize Microsoft Teams video conferencing to meet with clients who choose not to come to our physical office location. We are very accessible via email and phone at anytime.

  • How do you get paid?

    We have a published fee schedule upon request. Reach out to for more information. Bare in mind that Advisory accounts and Broker Dealer accounts are charged differently.

  • How will our relationship work?

    We are here to strive to provide the best possible service available in the industry. To that end, we operate as a team to service all your financial needs. When you call you will speak to a live person and we will work to resolve your questions as soon as possible. We are here to answer any of your questions that pertain to anything financial. If we don’t have the immediate answer, we will find the answer and return to you ASAP.

  • What do your clients like about working with you?

    We take our responsibilities very seriously. We believe in diligently solving financial problems and questions. Our clients place their trust in us that as a fiduciary, we will put their interest first. We deliver on this promise. We also provide a one stop shop when it comes to anything financial. These are the reasons why clients like working with us.

  • How do you measure success with your clients?

    We measure success with clients by assisting them in achieving their financial goals and objectives. We establish specific objectives and our goal is to exceed those objectives. We strive to achieve the highest rates of return within their stated risk tolerances. We work on achieving the highest risk adjusted rates of return.

  • Will your coordinate your advice with my tax situation?

    Absolutely, our client’s tax situation is one of our primary concerns when recommending investment products. We have a wonderful partnership with DC and Associates, accounting firm, in the Orlando area if you require additional tax services

  • How will my investments be managed?

    Your investments will be managed on a completely personalized basis. We take into consideration your risk tolerance, tax situation, and lifestyle when recommending you one of our portfolios. If you’re interested in understanding how we would invest for you, set up an introductory call today.

  • What kind of services do you provide?

    Check out our services tab for a full list of products our team can assist you with. 

  • How do I transfer my accounts from a different advisor to McDonough Capital Management?

    Transferring an existing account to our team is very easy. Once you provide our team with a statement from your old account, we will set up a phone consultation with you. This consult will serve as a time for us to gather all of your information and fill our transfer paperwork on your behalf. All you have to do is review and sign. There is no need for you to work directly with your previous advisor, we take all of the work out of your hands.

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