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What Sets Us Apart

The methodology that Edward McDonough and his associates use to determine our investment choices-equities, mutual funds or ETF’s (exchange traded funds) is likely different than any that you may have seen in the industry.  We utilize a one of a kind trend and stability analysis which was developed by our principal. 

Combining an innovative methodology with highly sophisticated software, we calculate each of the investment choice’s "trend score" and "stability score"; we rank analytically every stock, every mutual fund and every ETF.  This helps us to find sound investments with excellent risk control.  Once we have determined what we believe to be the top choices, each is then screened for fundamentals, news, earning releases and sector strength.  Suitability to each investor’s profile is the next determining factor in considering an investment.  Then and only then, do we make our recommendations.  Also, we run these analyses on a continuous basis, so our recommendations are based on real-time data and are constantly updated enabling us to adjust with the market’s inevitable trend changes.

By using these methods, we can avoid "picks" that are emotional, "pumped-up" by media coverage or research slanted by conflicts of interest.  Rampant corporate and media fraud drove us in this direction.  Our recommendations are not influenced by subjective factors, but rather are based on analytical and objective calculations.  By monitoring analytical trend/stability changes daily, we can adjust accordingly.

These methods are based on years of experience and countless hours of trial and error, not a "get-rich quick" scheme.  Ours is a steady, disciplined approach.  Our principal’s engineering background was the driving force behind this disciplined methodology.