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Tax PreparationDavid Crowder, CPA | DC & Asssociates, PA - TaxPreparer

Tax Preparation
David Crowder, CPA | DC & Asssociates, PA - TaxPreparer

Dave Crowder has worked in income taxes and related issues for 38 years. Eleven with the IRS and 27 in private practice.

Dave was raised in Gainesville Florida and received his degree from the University of Florida. He served 3 years in the army, with one year tour in Vietnam.

He has been married 45 years, not sure how he got so lucky but he was truly blessed. He has two children and five Grand kids.

Daves office has grown much larger than he thought it would. He first thought he was going to have himself and his wife working and that would be all. His wife said no, might be why they are still married. So from a small one person office they have grown to what they have now.

Dave has had a few hobbies in the past. Racquetball, golf, fishing skeet shooting and now box making. All the others require time in the sun and he doesn't like to be out as he used to be.

He enjoys traveling and have been to Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Greece, Central America, all kinds of Islands, Holland, England, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Australia, Korea, CZ and our NE coast. Now you might understand all the stuff in his office. They have plans to cover parts in the US that they have not seen and will start soon on that adventure. No campers anything but a camper.

If he can get his wife to agree, he still wants to see Russia and China. These would be long trips so hes not sure if they will go or not.

He wants to thank you for your business. Your support over the years has made his office a success.

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